The Faribault Woolen Mill began carding wool with one horse in 1865, one year before our firm’s establishment. In 2016, every Gray Plant Mooty employee and numerous members of the community will receive one of the renowned, fine scarves as a gift of appreciation for their collaboration and support.

Giving back is at the core of who we are as people and as a firm.  The Gray Plant Mooty Foundation was established as the charitable arm of the firm.  Foundation giving supports a wide range of initiatives aligned with our mission. 

Many of these organizations cannot overcome steep challenges with one single solution, so we don’t abandon them in their fight to make an impact.  We stand by many worthy causes with both one-time and ongoing financial support of efforts that increase the quality of life for individuals, our families, and our communities as a whole.  

As a result, Gray Plant Mooty Foundation donations make a meaningful difference for generations to come.

Upcoming Events

In addition to financial support, we support hundreds of community organization with donations of time and energy.  We refer to these involvements as “sweat equity.” In our 150th year, our firm members will support dozens of organizations throughout the year with sweat equity: firm members attend these internal events, learn about the organization’s mission, contribute time and energy to a shared goal, discover ways to share the involvement with their children, and share with a new generation about our ideals for giving and involvement – how to make a difference that matters.